personal exhibition, Vladivostok art school, Vladivostok.


“Student talent contest”, Vladivostok.


Youth exhibition “Funicular-1”, Artetage, Vladivostok.


Youth exhibition “Funicular-3”, Artetage, Vladivostok.


Russian art week, painting, center for Contemporary art “M’ars”, Moscow.


exhibition “Winter tale”, a Museum named after V. K. Arsenyev, Vladivostok.


Painted Vladivostok, Seaside state art gallery, Vladivostok


Born in 1981 in Ulan-Ude, I live and work in Vladivostok, Russia.

He became interested in drawing in Junior classes, so he asked my parents to enroll me in an art school. Six long years of study at the school did not take away my desire to draw further, so I continued to develop creative skills in the art school of Vladivostok under the guidance of the teacher Andrey Filippovich Litzenberger. During this period began a passion for the work of Salvador Dali and Boris Valejo. Imitating the second, I admired the first. Under their influence my style in painting was formed: realism, love to details, smooth texture of a stroke.

In the future, the study of visual art went in another direction-I entered the University of VSUES, Department of design. During this period, he became acquainted with the work of Giger – an infernal artist. He did not want to imitate him, his works were too depressing, but he took note of some elements of his work.

In 2005, the first attempt to write a lemon (painting “Lemon on the ice“). In the same year, a series of paintings “morning snails.” People liked the idea, so later it was written several paintings on the” snail ” theme.

And here in 2007 on motives of a picture of Salvador Dali “Constancy of memory “wrote the first lemon picture”Lemon tree”. I liked the result. It looked surreal, although not yet very cheerful, but the potential in this direction was. The audience also liked the lemon theme, so I started looking for ways to add lemons to other paintings. This desire led to the appearance of a series of “lemon” paintings.

Why lemons? They are Sunny and in the context of interesting, like flowers.