Два приятных события произошло недавно. Во-первых один покупатель купил сразу три картины, а во-вторых он написал отзыв. Можно еще добавить, что покупатель был из Канады, а туда картины я еще не продавал.

Вот собственно и отзыв:

I had never made an investment in art until a couple of months ago when, by complete chance, I discovered one of Vitaly’s paintings online. I was fascinated by it and found out who the artist and went to his website. There, I quickly fell in love with Vitaly’s work. I found his lemon paintings so incredible, both because of how beautiful and original they were as well as because of the amount of detail apparent in them. I went a little crazy and ended up buying three of them (1 2 3) off of him! He mailed the canvases to me rolled up from Russia and now I have them all up on the wall in my living room. I have shown these paintings so many friends and family members and they have been amazed at the quality of the work. I’m so happy to be ble to support Vitaly’s art career while at the same time making myself the owner of paintings of his that I will cherish forever. He is incredibly talented and the whole world should be able to see his art!

Благодаря таким людям, хочется писать еще. Создавать больше картин, приносящих радость, свет и умиротворение тем, кто на них смотрит. Спасибо!